Barclay Hologram

Story: Inside Man
Written By: Robert Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Yay! A Barclay episode! Guaranteed to be a little bit better than a standard Voyager episode. Starfleet sends a hologram based on Barclay to Voyager, in order to explain a plan to possibly bring Voyager home faster than expected. Schultz performance as “Reg” the hologram based on Barclay is fantastic, so wonderfully confident...the complete opposite of the real Barclay who is perpetually nervous (who even plays “What About Bob” to Troi who is on vacation).
Unfortunately some Ferengi have corrupted the “Reg” file and are using it to try and figure out a way to capture Seven for a profit. It is a silly plot point that only slightly hurts the story...but luckily you get Schultz, so it isn’t a total loss.

I find it almost odd that Troi comes off way more useful on Voyager (a show where most of the main cast don’t feel useful) then she usually was on TNG! But Barclay showcases exactly what a counselor in the 24th Century is useful for.

Anyhow it is a decent episode, not the best Voyager/Barclay episode, but having him is always a blast for this show.

NEXT TIME: Holo-Phobic