The Command

Story: Nightingale
Written By: André Bormanis
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Voyager has stopped off on an uninhabited planet for repairs (acknowledgement that this ship has been in a fire fight every week for seven years? woah!) and while looking for Dilithium, Kim makes contact with a ship that was being attacked. He saves them, but not after their entire command crew has been killed. Voyager, on the other hand, has become buddy-buddy with the very race that was attacking. Even though both have indadvertedly involved themselves in a civil war, but I find it odd that Janeway scolds Kim a bit for doing so. Awful Captain.
Anyhow Kim takes this opportunity to have his first real command on this mission to help these folks deliver their medical supplies. He gets a little over-zealous in his command...and starts to wear thin on everyone. I guess they are trying to portray that he isn’t quite ready for command, but by this point that is just sad. Seven years as an Ensign he still can’t lead anyone? It just shows how stagnant this show and it’s characters are.

Then it turns out that it isn’t a medical transport, but a prototype for a cloaking ship. Of course...Voyager is constantly meeting liars and cheats and being fooled into their schemes. Gullible idiots. Also how sad is it that this show can’t have any nice aliens, they all turn out to be some kind of villain, or at the very least have some flaw that makes them seem less than the gallant Voyager crew. It is on the verge of xenophobic, which is the exact opposite of what Trek is about.

A subplot involving the Borg teenager Icheb developing a crush on Torres. Whatever.

NEXT TIME: Holographic Carnage