Exploding Malon Ship

Story: Juggernaut
Written By: Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan and Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

I don’t find the Malon to be particularly interesting. Almost all of Voyager’s creations are dull and uninteresting and lack anything special...the make-up is usually average (what happened to Westmore? During TNG he made Cardassians, Ferengi, Bajorans, Trill...by this point he was clearly out of new ideas. Then the writers make it worse by not making you want to see any of these guys again. The Kazon were just Klingon ripoffs, and the Malon are just waste dumping garbage men. You wanted the Klingons to show up, you were excited when it was the Romulans, it was a joy to revisit Cardassians, and DS9 made the Ferengi hilarious. But the Voyager contributions to the alien canon? Lame
So here we have an issue with a Malon ship close to exploding, with only Voyager there to help. Torres isn’t making it easy though, because for some reason her bad attitude from Season 1 has resurfaced. Didn’t she get better? Didn’t her attitude once again resurface and retread after she dealt with her feelings towards the Maquis deaths? Why all of a sudden is she back to being an irritable jerk again? Lazy writing that’s why!

This show had the laziest sacks of shits on the writing staff. All the intelligent Trek writers went to DS9 before and after the end of TNG, and all the crappy Trek writers went over to Voyager in order work very little and collect a paycheck without challenging the audience or even themselves. DS9 tried not to get complacent, and it continued to challenge the audience, TNG got a little complacent...but it was still fairly well written, even if a little shaky near the end. Voyager is just weak, it needed quick fix endings and nothing to new or complex to play with the Trek format at all. What's most irksome is that the CG in Voyager is pretty goddamned great, yet the writing is never as strong as the visual effects.

This isn’t the most irritating episode, but its big plot inconsistencies and lame aliens make it hard to care about.

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