Ship Eater

Story: Bliss
Written By: Robert J. Doherty
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

A big ship eating monster in space lures in ships with enticing hopes and dreams. For Voyager that means a fast ticket home and great jobs for everyone once they get there. They are all offered sweet and juicy positions once they finally return to the Alpha Quadrant...but only Seven sees that there is something amiss with this supposed wormhole.
The episode is pretty solid actually. I give credit to the focus on Seven and guest star W. Morgan Sheppard, with the irritating actions of the rest of the crew being sort of the point. Sheppard is pretty good, and surprisingly so is the little kid Naomi. I would give this one (which has a fairly ridiculous premise) the benefit of the doubt, I know it could’ve been far far worse knowing how Voyager tends to go.

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