Safe Harbor

Story: Fair Haven
Written By: Robin Burger
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

What the hell? Tom makes some Irish village holoprogram for the crew to unwind, and within second of being on the holodeck...Janeway develops a thing for the local bartender. Gross. So this is not only a one-off love story, but also a creepy “trying to date a hologram” story. It might be one thing if a dating a hologram stroyline involved the Doctor, who knows full well he is a hologram and has grown well beyond his original programming...but just some hunky hologram...what is she paying for sex at Quarks? This is our valiant and brave Captain.
She even goes so far as to reprogram the character to make him much more interesting for her to bang and date. Creepy. I don’t know I found this whole premise weird and wrong. She eventually realizes making him the perfect man for her is wrong as hell and not real love at all.

This is all happening during a storyline about some neutrino storm that doesn’t really matter and causes a few issues to the ship but has little to do with the A-storyline, and is just there to pad things out. It isn’t as if the love story has Janeway so distracted she can’t deal with the storm, its just to add some kind of minor threat because the writers of Voyager think you can’t have a story without some sort of threat. They are wrong and lack the talent to tell those stories.

The only thing that the B-story does is fuck up the program so only 10% can be retrieved. Yeah sure. This gives Janeway the ability to be forced to not use the program instead of realizing how weird she is.