The Weird Planet Displaced in Time

Story: Blink of an Eye
Written By: Scott Miller and Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Voyager encounters a planet with an odd shape and moves through time much faster than usual. A second on Voyager is a whole day on the planet. You see the planet go from early savage beginning to a technologically advanced civilization throughout the course of the episode.
The whole episode has a decent premise and everything, but the execution is dull. I mean I want to like it, but the writers and actors don’t give me much to like. Why didn’t they just quit Voyager? Nobody was enjoying the damn show...not as many fans dug it, the writers room was so miserable that Moore couldn’t stay longer than three episodes, and actors Robert Beltran and Garrett Wang have made it clear that the atmosphere on set was far from pleasant and happy. They only kept this show going because it was Trek and they feared a letter writing campaign...sure it had steady ratings, but why didn’t Berman and Braga just pass the torch off to someone else, who can either make this show enjoyable or start their own spin-off.

None of that has much to do with the episode, I just find the show to be so tedious most of the time. Even when they have a cool premise like this...they make it less interesting somehow. I just chuck it up to the bulk of the production team not really caring. There is even an interesting story involving the Doctor on the planet for many year, but that is all just brushed over. They just did the show because it was a job.

NEXT TIME: The Doctor a Celebrity