Story: Warhead
Written By: Michael Taylor & Kenneth Biller
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

Kim leads his first away mission with the Doctor at hand, and what the discover is not a person sending a distress call, but a piece of machinery. The Doctor is the only able to communicate with the machine, which soon turns out to be a WMD, and when they attempt to shut down the bomb and put the personality in a hologram...the bomb stops their efforts and takes over the Doctor’s matrix while holding the ship hostage by holding the only ability to set off his bomb.
Picardo is great, and he really holds the episode together. Wang actually puts forth a little more effort than usual. The episode certainly isn’t among the worst of the season, it is possibly among the best...I know that with this show and that season that doesn’t amount to much, but it is certainly a stronger episode.

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