The Adventures of Flotter

Story: Once Upon a Time
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Neelix attempts to comfort young Naomi (born on Voyager in the first season) after her mother (along with Tuvok and Paris) goes down in an ion storm in the Delta Flyer. The Delta Flyer can’t handle an ion storm? That thing is no better than one of Voyager’s 600 other shuttle crafts! The girl seems to really enjoy this Wonderland/Oz inspired holostories about these characters Flotter and Treevus. It is really weird and colorful, but it isn’t as awful as a sort of whimsical Voyager plot might be.
Neelix struggles with this whole Mother missing thing, and tries his best to keep Naomi from it all. You know the mom will get back because they put Tuvok and Paris in the shuttle with her, and this show isn’t strong enough to take a chance and kill them. They throw in a faux plot development of the mom somehow being closer to death than Tuvok or Paris, making you think maybe the kid will be left without her mom...but you know its just a fake out, at least I did.

Neelix story is better than his usual annoying story lines, but I still just have the hardest time with watching his character, even when his stories don’t suck as hard as they could. So if you have issues with stories that focus on Neelix or little kids...then this one will probably not be your cup of tea.

NEXT TIME: Crash on an Ice Planet