Chaotic Space

Story: The Fight
Written By: Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

The writers really love Boothby. I don’t really get it. Trek has produced far better grumpy old men characters than him...who knows, maybe they all enjoyed being around Ray Walston. Anyhow he makes a weird appearance in Chakotay’s dreams as Voyager is forced to travel through “chaotic space” where laws of physics are in flux. Chakotay dreams he is reliving some boxing match thing (with Boothby just playing Mick from the “Rocky” movies). I practically forgot Chakotay was on this ship! He is rarely the focus of an episode anymore.
While Voyager struggles through this odd area of space, Chakotay battles some dream world in which he is sort of communicate with the aliens that live in this "Chaotic Space"...I dunno, sort of a humdrum run of the mill episode. I Probably didn’t try to hard to focus on it, as it didn’t really hold my interest, so I’m not gonna say the definitive word is that this is crap...but I certainly don’t think this is all that great either.