Abaddon's Repository of Lost Treasures

Story: Alice
Written By: Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

After coming across a big space dump, Voyager barters for some parts and supplies. TOm gets real excited and buys a shitty little busted up shuttle. He’s real psyched about it, probably because his last pet project (the Delta Flyer) has already worn out its welcome. So yet again he is working real hard on a new shuttle, repairing with supplies from God knows where, and making it his new baby. But the ship is more than just a ship, it is sentient and manipulates Tom into being a real bastard who neglects his friends, B’Elanna, his duties, and even his hygiene in order to give full attention to “Alice.”
The idea is too goofy for me to get behind. It’s like on TNG when that little girl’s imaginary friend came to life and started making the girl act really bad...I just don’t dig episodes like this. The acting from McNeill isn’t awful, but the person playing the human version of Alice is GODAWFUL. She doesn’t blink enough, and she is melodramatic.

Just a silly bad episode. It is Voyager alright.

NEXT TIME: The Secret is in the Frosting