Janeway’s Special Attention

Story: Good Shepherd
Written By: Dianna Gitto & Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Seven uncovers the fact that three crewman on the ship are pretty crappy. Which is weird when you consider this whole crew is pretty shitty...how bad are these THREE? Essentially they are lazy and slow and don’t really give a damn about their duties. And they aren’t Maquis either...they are pure Starfleet. This episode is sort of like Voyager’s version of “Lower Decks” only I don’t really give a shit about these three crewman. It also has similarities to that Voyager episode in which Tuvok tries to train some Maquis dopes. This one has Janeway trying to train some Starfleet dopes. And they are dopes.
I kind of liked the smug asshole though, because he doesn’t give a shit about Voyager or Janeway or any of the shit people on the show care about...much like me. His plans on Voyager were for a year, a requirement for the school he really wanted to get into...but Janeway had to fuck that up didn’t she? I didn’t really care about the other two, one is an over the top hypochondriac, who lacks the charm of Barclay. The girl is a Bajoran with low self esteem. The characters are just uninteresting.

The story is Janeway takes the three on an away mission to teach them how to be awesome...but it lacks any kind of depth or character to really make it entertaining. The three characters are average, even the smug guy isn’t terribly interesting...I just like it when people stick it to Janeway.

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