Story: Counterpoint
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1998

Voyager has been traveling through a region of space ruled by a race that despises telepaths. Voyager has been smuggling several telepaths and has been hiding them in transporter buffers, along with Tuvok and Vorik and any other telepaths that happen to be on Voyager.
Their path to the rendezvous has been difficult, and constantly changing, but then the main inspector comes aboard Voyager planning to defect...and despite uneasy trust amongst the crew and Janeway, she falls for him. It is weird. But I liked the little twist at the end.

Actually it isn’t too bad of an episode. It isn’t that great, but it is more like an average TNG episode than an average Voyager. That is a pretty solid compliment for this series.

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