Children of the Borg

Story: Collective
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2000

Voyager encounters a Borg Cube that has been severed from the Collective and is run entirely by five child drones. The drones are able to take a few hostages from the Delta Flyer and attempt to negotiate an exchange: the prisoners for Voyager’s deflector array. The children are erratic and don’t function with the skill of the standard hive their negotiations don’t go very well.
Clearly being severed from the link has made them more individual then they’d like to admit, especially the leader of the small band of child Borgs. Seven clearly is able to establish a bond with the kids, and eventually helps foil the leaders plans and takes the other 4 back to Voyager (along with an infant Borg...though I wonder if they will ever mention that again, they seemed to have forgotten it’s fate by the end of the episode).

Seven now plays Foster mom to these kids I guess. It isn’t a bad development for her character or for the series really, although we’ll see how it goes. I think the episode was decent enough. As much as I feel the Borg are overused on Voyager...they really are one of the things this show manages to succeed at more often than not. I don’t think all the Borg episodes are good, but at least you have a memorable villain that doesn’t need to be reestablished in each episode...and if you turn your brain off they look cool!

So I give this episode a sort of half thumbs up. It wasn’t tremendous, but I know it could’ve been much worse.

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