Klingon Zealots

Story: Prophecy
Written By: Michael Sussman & Phyllis Strong
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 2001

Voyager encounters an old Klingon Battle Cruiser filled with Religious nutjob Klingons whose ancestors started this long Trek four generations prior. They initially attack but stop once they learn of the Federation-Klingon Alliance (proof being in Torres)...unfortunately they quickly decide Tom and B’Elanna’s baby is their savior, and blow up their own ship to get onto Voyager and follow the baby. Freaky.
Soon Kohlar (the leader of this ship) reveals that he has no clue whether or not this baby is the savior...but it would be nice if Torres just plays along so his people don’t feel really shitty about their religion and feel like this trip was a waste. Harry, meanwhile, if being pursued by a Klingon lady, though Neelix eventually takes her off his hands. Not a lot of meat on that story, but it is there.

It was actually just nice to hang with the Klingons again. It is sort of refreshing to get an interesting group of aliens, instead of the lame generic races that constantly crop up on this particular series.

NEXT TIME: Another Void