Purposely Sent to the Delta Quadrant

Story: The Voyager Conspiracy
Written By: Joe Menosky
Series: Star Trek: Voyager
Year: 1999

I totally buy the idea of Voyager purposefully being sent to the Delta Quadrant. Early on, like 1st and 2nd season I had this feeling that this was such an awful crew with such a shitty Captain...that Starfleet and the Maquis actually held a meeting and said “look you gotta shitty crew, we gotta shitty crew...what if we ask this Caretaker to just TAKE CARE OF ‘EM!” For me, it isn’t hard to buy that others conspired against Voyager. They could smell a War with the Dominion on the horizon...lets get rid of these folks that might gum up the works...or lose the war for us.
Seven downloads some kind of weird learning program that makes her learn in her sleep...she begins to put things together, like bugs in their systems (literally bugs however thats possible) and complete conspiracies about how Voyager got into the Delta Quadrant in the first place. This is all going on as Voyager works with some alien guy about some kind of space catapult that will send him home, and possibly cut Voyager’s journey a little bit shorter. Seven’s little dream machine calculates that this guy’s catapult is actually the same thing that sent them into the Delta. Why this is a problem I don’t know...shouldn’t it be good that his stuff sent them TO the Delta Quadrant? Couldn’t it work the other way around? Whatever this crew is fucking stupid.

Seven’s thoughts of a conspiracy are all nutty and circumstantial in the end (ultimately proven false), because you are supposed to believe that there is no way Voyager could be sent there on purpose, I just feel like they totally would and should have been sent there on purpose. Also I have a hard time believing that Janeway would be involved in this conspiracy, I would think she’s the main reason for the conspiracy.

This one just took elements of a theory I already had and executed them all wrong, and I personally couldn’t really get behind the episode.

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