Alexander As a Warrior

Story: Sons and Daughters
Written By: Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Possibly the weak link in the 6-episode arc. It isn’t the worst episode in the world; it just isn’t as well structured or as brilliantly executed as the Previous two, as well as the following three. The main plot involves some new recruits on the Rotarran, Martok’s ship which Worf is serving aboard during this time without the station. One of these new recruits is a familiar face: Alexander Rhozhenko. Worf has sort of lost touch with Alexander since he once again sent him off to his foster parents. Worf really is a deadbeat dad. Alexander has tried to make a new path for himself, to be a warrior. It was a path he previously showed no interest in.
Worf has never been a good father to Alexander. He has not really changed. He fights for Alexander; he is a rather bad teacher to him while trying to teach him how to fight hand to hand, but Alexander spills the beans on the real problem between them: Worf abandoned him. Worf has to really reflect on what a piece of shit he’s been to this kid over the years. It’s a premise I’m glad was explored finally. In the end Worf finally learns to respect his son, and helps him join the House of Martok.

The B-plot is once again on the station, featuring the return of Dukat’s daughter Ziyal. Dukat tries to use her once again to get closer to Kira. He really has a sick thing for her…even using his own daughter to build some kind of bond between the two.

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