Story: Rules of Engagement
Written By: Ronald D. Moore, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Worf accidentally destroyed a freighter while in combat, and now he is on trial to see whether or not he should be extradited back to the Klingons to face punishment. I think it could have easily been a standard trial show…but they structured in an interesting way, with the characters speaking directly into the camera while in flashback…saying what the characters say in the witness stand. It makes it unique, and it makes it a solid episode.
I like the character of Ch'Pok as well, he is well played. I think Worf is getting a lot of things to question about himself this season, it makes his coming to this series not seem like “good ol’ Worf”. They are shaking his character up, giving the actor a lot more to do. I think its one of the saving graces of DS9.

NEXT TIME: O’Brien’s Years of Imprisonment