Descendants of the Defiant Crew

Story: Children of Time
Written By: Gary Holland and Ethan H. Calk
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

A lot of fans like this episode a lot, it is often put up there with “The Visitor”. But while that episode has a real emotional heart between Jake and Ben, this one is just plain dull and boring. I don’t care for it.
The Defiant crew hit some kind of energy beam and end up on a planet…with a village filled with their own descendants. They seem to have traveled in time, generations later, after the Defiant was trapped on this planet. Its kind of confusing when you think about it, and I think the whole Kira-Odo thing is only somewhat well executed here. I'm not sure I care for him revealing to her his feelings, since it is only sort of touched on later (where they agree to just forget about it).

I just don’t buy it.

NEXT TIME: End of the Maquis