Odo's True Feelings

Story: Crossfire
Written By: René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Odo is a man with a strict routine. He likes things in order, to keep things in order he keeps his quarters in a strict alignment, and his daily routine is always stuck to. There is a great scene in which he discusses this with Worf…where both seem to agree they like people kept at a distance and things in order.
His favorite part of the routine is his weekly criminal activity reports with Kira. He admitted his true feelings for Kira in “Heart of Stone”, and it was first hinted at when she told him her feelings for Bareil. But it is clearly evident when she drinks the raktajino he has set up for her, and enjoys it, that he loves that she enjoys the cup HE prepared.

But Shakaar comes aboard, and he is now the First Minister of Bajor, and it becomes evident that not only does Shakaar have a thing for Kira, but that she may also have similar feelings for him. It worries Odo…so much so that he is distracted to the point that he doesn’t even focus on his duties in protecting Shakaar, or his investigation of the person responsible for Shakaar’s assassination attempt. When he discovers Shakaar and Kira have gone all the way, and that in his distraction Worf has apprehended the responsible party (he loses the woman he loves and doesn’t even catch the bad guy...the only thing he had left) he just loses it. There is another great Odo-Quark almost friends kinda scene that I think is really well written and performed by both actors.

All props to Auberjonois for a terrific performance throughout. Also to Visitor, Shimerman, and Dorn for giving great supporting roles in this one. It is a top-notch episode, one of my favorites.

NEXT TIME: Dukat’s Bird of Prey