Once Upon a Wedding

Story: You Are Cordially Invited
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Worf and Jadzia agreed to get married when the station was taken back, and now is the time. So they are going to get married, but the wedding is being pushed forward, in order to let Alexander be there. The episode is okay, but it is flawed, especially after this fantastic arc.
Bashir, O’Brien, Martok, Alexander, and Sisko join Worf in what is essentially a Klingon Bachelor Party. It is painful. On the other end of things Jadzia must impress Martok’s wife in order to join the house in marrying Worf. It is painful.

The episode is alright, but mostly the trials for Worf’s Bachelor Party thing and and the great exciting Bachelorette Party for Dax (especially nog’s crazy dancing).  That stuff is hilarious and fun, and the wedding is good, but there are some flaws that are head to rectify in this episode.

I REALLY didn’t like how Kira and Odo wander off to play seven minutes in heaven in a closet and come out being the best of friends. I’m sorry but he BETRAYED her trust. He ditched her and everyone else during the occupation of the Dominion and almost let Rom DIE because he was too busy fucking around with the Female Changeling to give a damn, and without us getting real closure on that, they just make up OFF SCREEN? Screw that.

Despite these flaws, I really liked the wedding, despite missing people in attendance (The Rhozhenkos…the Enterprise crew he served with for 8 years) But all absences are actually really easily explained away with the volatile war situation in the Alpha Quadrant, as well as the sudden change of date for the wedding for Alexander.

NEXT TIME: Switching Places