Story: Indiscretion
Written By: Toni Marberry, Jack Trevino and Nicholas Corea
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1995

A pretty solid episode in which Dukat and Kira go on a search to find a Cardassian Prison ship, Dukat to find survivors of the Prison ship staff, Kira to find the prisoners. But things get a bit sticky when Kira discovers not only that one of the Bajorans was a former mistress of Dukat’s, but another was also his daughter…and he plans to kill her. It is an interesting development in the relationship between Kira and Dukat.
The B-story has Sisko dealing with furthering his relationship with Kassidy, and it is entertaining for sure. It is funny and small, but the real episode is in the Kira/Dukat story.

Interesting sidenote: first appearance of the Breen, who are clearly and homage to Star Wars. And it introduces Ziyal who would eventually play a bigger thematic role in future storylines.

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