Silaran Prin

Story: The Darkness and the Light
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Members of Kira’s old resistance cell are being murdered one by one, and Kira is getting haunting distorted messages saying “that’s one” or “that’s two” as each one is killed off. I think having this story take place during Kira’s pregnancy is a really brilliant. The writers could have easily held this one off until after Visitor gave birth, but writing this story about her losing her friends one by one and being held back not only by duty but by her own condition as well. It also gave the writers this fantastic dramtic final scene, in which hthe Cardassian getting his revenge plans to remove the baby from Kira by force, and raise it with his own sense of morality, a morality he feels is totally lost in Kira.
It is a pretty decent episode, with a terrific climactic scene. I think without that scene the episode wouldn’t have been nearly as strong.

NEXT TIME: Return of Dr. Mora