Story: Statistical Probabilities
Written By: René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Four genetically enhanced patients of a mental institution are brought to the station to try and learn how to contribute to society, much like our Dr. Bashir. At first they seem hopeless, but when they are able to tell so much about Damar just by watching his speech on a monitor…he wonders if they are capable of more. They are able to figure out the Dominion’s plan in some negotiations, but then they take their projections to a new level.
They end up using mathematical equations and factoring in all contingencies…and end up figuring out the outcome of the Dominion War entirely. They believe the only way to save as many lives as possible is surrender. Bashir agrees, but no one in Starfleet really does. Then the patients decide that the next best alternative is to cause an invasion that will end the war now in favor of the Dominion, killing only a few to save many. Bashir realizes that this plan is madness and attempts to stop them (they knock him out and tie him up). Luckily the mute in their group frees Julian.

When the help of one person derails their plan, it makes Bashir wonder if maybe they haven’t really factored in all the equations. There may be hope yet. It is a good episode, really entertaining, and also one that makes you think.

NEXT TIME: Moogie Captured by the Dominion