Story: The Begotten
Written By: René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Quark finds a sick or dead baby changeling, and he sells it to Odo, who takes quite an interest. He begins to do simple experiments to teach it to shapeshift, but Dr. Mora (the scientist who discovered Odo) returns to the station in order to help Odo with his experiments. It brings up the old issues between the two, but experimenting and trying to help the baby changeling manages to help them solve some of these old issues. It is great to see Odo happy about something. In the end the child begins to die, but in its final moments of life it connects into Odo…and somehow gives him his shapeshifting abilities back.
In the B-story Kira is giving birth to the O’Brien’s child. Mostly it is an uninteresting plot about Shakaar and Miles bickering a lot. Who knows why…beyond one loves Kira and one wants that baby inside her. It is mostly just silly writing here. I did, however, enjoy the final scene with Kira and Odo where Kira admits she has become a bit attached to the baby, and wishes she could have kept it. It is an honest thing to happen to a person who carries a child and gives it away.

NEXT TIME: Finding the Defector