Nightmare on Odo Street

Story: Things Past
Written By: Michael Taylor
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Really good episode, a lot like “Necessary Evil”, where we get a lot of background on Odo and his involvement on Terok Nor during the occupation. Some sort of accident on a runabout sends Odo, Dax, Sisko, and Garak back to the station during the occupation, and Odo is forced to relive one of his most haunting memories…the time he sentenced three innocent Bajorans for an assassination attempt on Dukat. Essentially all four are trapped in a Odo’s nightmare.
It is a great episode, dark and chilling ,with that dark Cardassian atmosphere and some wonderful character development for Odo…and Auberjonois gives one hell of a performance.

Great episode.

NEXT TIME: Jake and Nog move in together