Enter Weyoun

Story: To the Death
Written By: Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

The station is attacked; the Jem’Hadar destroys a pylon. The Defiant heads out to fight, and beam aboard the Jem’Hadar and the one Vorta on the ship they find. But Weyoun (who is incredibly performed by Jeffrey Combs) claims that other renegade Jem’Hadar attacked them as well. The Jem’Hadar and the crew of the Defiant are forced to work together. It is a solid premise.
It is a good episode with the Dominion, who are not nearly as neglected in this season as some will lead you to believe. Weyoun is a great character, an absolute classic, and I am glad that his death in this episode does not mean the end of the Weyouns.

NEXT TIME: Planet-Wide Epidemic