Story: Favor the Bold
Written By: Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Favor the Bold is a badass episode. It is basically the culmination of the whole arc. Initially it was the end, but it became two episodes out of necessity really (this could NOT have been just one episode). Sisko forms a new plan to overthrow the Dominion…taking back Deep Space Nine. He wants as many troops as possible to take back the station, before they disable the minefield, because protecting Earth is not as important. Earth isn’t the most important post in the quadrant, the station is.
Meanwhile on the station, Rom is still stuck in jail, doomed to be executed. Kira makes attempts to have him freed, asking Weyoun and Dukat, even asking Ziyal to plead with her father but it only causes issues between the Father and daughter. At one point Kira and Ziyal are speaking and Damar attempts to end it, and Kira knocks Damar out. It is badass.

The episode is basically set up for “Sacrifice of Angels”, but that is okay…there is a LOT to build up, and a lot to start bringing to an end in this arc. In this episode the Federation prepares for an all out assault, and Dominion brushes off what little threat they think the Federation is at this point. Also Nog is promoted to full ensign.

The final moments are just before the battle, the next episode is going to be epic.

NEXT TIME: We’re About to Find Out