Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 4 Recap

The fourth season initially seemed as if it was taking the show in a whole new direction. Instead of the Dominion threat that had been building from seasons 2 and 3, suddenly we spend this season adding Worf to the crew and dealing with the Klingon-Federation War arc. Some claimed this was a bad move, but I think it worked well for the series, and in context makes complete sense. Especially when the season comes to an end with the knowledge that Gowron may in fact be a Changeling himself.

Then there is adding Worf. I love his character, and the writers did a good job of integrating him into this show, and taking his character in a new direction. They weren’t gonna give us the same ol’ Worf, he’d have to change as a character. He changes to command division, and his role in the crew works well. He initially doesn’t fit in, but that in itself works FOR the character, not against him. By the end of the season, he has adapted, he is definitely a member of the station.

I think Season Four works really well in the arc of the Dominion war…it may seem like things were off course, but by the end it turns out that the course was all part of the Dominion plan…and that is a scary thought, and a brilliant one.

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