Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Season 5 Recap

Season 5 is essentially the season in which the writers and producers got the show back on the track they were planning before the executives forced some changes for ratings sake. Luckily I don’t feel that the executive meddling did that much harm to the series, in actuality I think it really helped Season 5 a lot, and the whole Dominion arc…it added this whole extra layer, one that really built up this impending doom that is the Dominion War.

The war is slowly built up to in this season, from slowly ending aggressions with the Klingons, to finally make the Cardassians big villains again when they join the Dominion, to the great reveal that there was a changeling Bashir for several episodes…right up to the bitter end when the station is lost to the Dominion and the war officially begins.

It is a great season, one with not only fantastic dramatic episodes, but also some hilarious and fun stories as well. I also like that by this season everyone has costumes that are not only easier on the eyes, but look realistic as well. Odo has a collar that looks more official (added at the beginning of Season 4), Kira has lost the shoulder pads (also changed in season 4), Jake is wearing actual clothes with vests (instead of the nightmare PJs he wore in earlier seasons), and halfway through this season the Starfleet crew change to the Black on grey First Contact uniforms, which just look better on screen and actually look like believable uniforms (I love Trek and all...but the primary colors aren’t all that realistic for a huge Starfleet that is to be taken seriously).

All in all everything is pretty solid in this season, broadcast during the 30th anniversary of the Franchise.

NEXT TIME: The Six-Episode Arc