Story: Rapture
Written By: L. J. Strom and Hans Beimler
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

An interesting turn for Sisko. When a Bajoran artifact is finally returned by the Cardassians, it leads Sisko to study it, but he becomes a bit attached to it. He becomes obsessed studying it, to figure out what it means. It has something to do with a mythical land known as B’Hala. He actually feels like he was there at one moment. A problem occurs when Bajor is being accepted into the Federation, finally, and he realizes that the Bajor should not join. It is a moment in which he changes his tune on the whole Emissary thing. From here on out he accepts the role…actually embraces it. But in doing so he disappoints his Starfleet superiors.
It is a good episode, if you are into the whole Bajoran-Emissary-Prophets thing (which I am). The episode also see the return of Kassidy Yates who has been released from her stint in prison after the events of “For the Cause”. Another noteworthy change is that the new uniforms introduced in “Star Trek: First Contact” make their first appearance in this episode and would be worn until the end of the series.

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