Story: Valiant
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1998

Jake and Nog run into some Jem’Hadar ships in their runabout on their way to Ferenginar…they are luckily save by a Federation ship known as the Valiant (same type as the Defiant). When they are beamed aboard they find a crew entirely made up of Cadets, Red Squadron to be exact. Apparently they were a training vessel, on a mission to find a new kind of dominion battle ship. But when the teaching observers are all killed, the Cadets take over, and a trapped behind enemy lines.
The acting Captain decides to continue the mission, instead of returning home. But these young kids aren’t ready for the jobs and responsibility they have taken on…it is weighing on many of them. Some of them act older then they are, they have delusions of grandeur, the acting Captain himself is addicted to drugs and isn’t sleeping well…they refuse to acknowledge home, thinking it would cause only weakness…in other words it’s not good. They promote Nog to chief engineer, and treat Jake like an enemy…he doesn’t wear the uniform.

It is a great episode, showing how being unprepared in maturity is really the worst enemy…I think it really says something.

NEXT TIME: Some Like it Not