Moogie and the Nagus

Story: Ferengi Love Songs
Written By: Ira Steven Behr and Hans Beimler
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Quark is depressed, having no Ferengi status still. He returns home to be with Moogie…only to discover she is dating the Nagus. It bothers him, but Brunt offers to give him his license back if he can break it up (Brunt fears she will disrupt Ferengi society with her unorthodox influence on the Nagus). Quark does break them up, but it causes a landslide in the Ferengi Stock Market…Zek is losing his memory and skills…Moogie was the power behind the throne. Quark manages to get them back together, save the Ferengi alliance and keep his Business License.
The story is okay, not the best Ferengi episode in the world, but decent. I don’t care for the new actress playing Ishka (Cecily Adams). Andrea Martin played the character more convincingly…as a real old woman, but Adams plays her like a cartoony old lady. I just think its weak (it actually gets worse in future episodes she appears).

The B-plot involves Rom and Leeta getting engaged, running into trouble, and then getting engaged again. It is average: and I don’t care for the acting of Chase Masterson…as attractive as she may be, her acting is nothing more than bad.

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