Brother's Keeper

Story: Sons of Mogh
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Kurn comes to the station, having been stripped of his rank, his house, and his honor because of Worf’s actions against Gowron. So Kurn wants Worf to kill him in some Klingon ceremony, in order to die with honor. Worf tries, but is stopped by Dax, and told by Sisko he won’t tolerate this ceremony…he has been more than lenient with Klingon rituals…but this one crosses the line.
Kurn tries to adapt in different ways on the station, but it is no use. Worf belongs in the Federation…Kurn just plain doesn’t. He doesn’t belong with the Federation, or the Bajoran security force, or even working against the Klingons…he just cannot function without the Empire or other Klingons. Their solution is pretty good.

It is a solid episode.

NEXT TIME: Labor Disputes