Kira’s Old Resistance Leader

Story: Shakaar
Written By: Gordon Dawson
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1995

Great episode about Bajor. When the leader of the provisional government dies, Kai Winn is appointed his replacement, making her both the spiritual leader and the leader of the government…and this is a little too much power, especially for someone like Winn. Winn wants to get some farm equipment from Kira’s old resistance leader, and asks Kira to handle the task of convincing him to give it up.
Kira decides that the situation is stickier than that, and asks Winn to try and make a compromise…but she refuses, she decides to arrest Shakaar and take the equipment by force. Kira and Shakaar and many others decide to fight for their land. A comprosie is finally made, but with the members of the Bajoran Military and Shakaar: he is going to run for First Minister against the Kai, and if she opposes him, the fact that she almost risked a civil war over some farm equipment would get out.

It was nice to finally have an episode in which Winn didn’t get everything she was hoping for in the end. She finally crossed a line, and as a result it pushed some of her support away. I just found it refreshing to finally have her lose a bit.

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