Exploding Tailor Shop

Story: Improbable Cause
Written By: Robert Lederman, David R. Long and René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1995

Tremendous episode, and considering how terrific the second part is, it is a wonder this was ever just a standalone story. Garak’s tailor shop explodes; there is clearly a threat on Garak’s life. There are some terrific scenes with Andrew Robinson as Garak…with Bashir, Odo, Sisko…hell every scene he is in he does a terrific job.
There is a really great scene with Odo and a Cardassian source of his, from his old days working with the Cardassians…and it is chilling and well shot. In the end Garak meets up with his former mentor Enabran Tain, and is given a chance to return home…and he decides to join Tain…

NEXT TIME: Improbable Cause, Part II