The Only Cardassian Left

Story: Return to Grace
Written By: Tom Benko and Hans Beimler
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

There is a whole Kira-Dukat thing this season. They are once again forced to work together in some kind of diplomatic mission for Cardassia and Bajor. Dukat has been demoted and lost everything since Kira convinced him not to kill Ziyal and bring her home.
But the Klingons attack and kill the ship they are meant to meet, and Dukat decides to exact revenge on the Bird-Of-Prey…it is an interesting and solid episode, which continues the sort of humanizing of Dukat…but what is brilliant is that in humanizing him, they are only really showing how selfish he is. All his human and nice qualities are actually greedy and self serving when you look at them.

The episode also further develops Ziyal who ends up on the station by the end of the episode, and introduces Damar, Dukat’s second in command, who will also play a larger role in future episodes.

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