Return of Kor

Story: The Sword of Kahless
Written By: Richard Danus and Hans Beimler
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1995

Thank god Worf came to DS9. After “Redemption II” Worf became comfortable with himself, he realized his way…not really Klingon, not really Human…he decided what his path was and he was comfortable. But Worf isn’t interesting when he is comfortable. Coming to the station took him out of his comfort zone. The Enterprise, his home for 8 years, is gone, his position as head of Security is gone…he has a new home, new job, new life. DS9 breathed new life into a character who had become stale.
This episode has great Klingon mythology, a great return for Kor (I love this character), and some great Dax-Klingon stuff. It is a fun and well written Klingon episode…DS9 really does Klingons well, they just fit right into the darker tone of this series.