Dukat's Head

Story: Waltz
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1998

“Waltz” is a great episode. It really digs deep into the psychology of Dukat, a man who’s motives have become somewhat muddled until now. Sisko visits a ship where Dukat is being held prisoner. When the ship has an accident, Sisko awakes in a cave with only Dukat…a Dukat who is increasingly becoming unstable since the death of his daughter.
What is brilliant about this is that Dukat basically reveals that he really wasn’t the kind leader during the Bajoran Occupation as he kept trying to convince Kira and others for the past 6 years…he really was the viscous bastard who wished he had killed every last Bajoran before he left. The death of Ziyal has only made what he has refused to accept about himself for many years come to light, and he is going a bit mad because of it.

It is a terrific episode.

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