Dax or the Mission

Story: Change of Heart
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1998

Worf and Jadzia go on a mission to retrieve some information from a Cardassian defector. The defector wants out and asks for help escaping. They are to meet him in the jungle of a planet, and take him to federation space. Unfortunately they meet up with some Jem’Hadar, and after defeating them…Worf discovers Dax has been hit. Now they have to meet the rendezvous with her wounded, and she is only getting worse. Worf is forced to choose the mission and his duty…or his wife.
In the end he chooses Dax, and saves her life, avoids the mission, and loses lots of info that could have changed the course of the Dominion war. It is a tough decision, but Worf makes the choice right for him, and while in some ways it would have been nice to have him choose the mission and have Dax die here, I think the impact of her death later becomes stronger because of his decision here.

The really small b-plot only makes it to the half-way point, but it involves the Chief and the Docotr attempting to beat Quark at Tongo, but Quark manages to keep his streak alive by distracting Bashir…reminding him how they both managed to lose Dax forever to Worf. It has its moments, but it really is minor to the story.

The episode is really good, and I think the performances from Dorn and Farrell are terrific.

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