Sisko vs. Eddington

Story: For the Uniform
Written By: Peter Allan Fields
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Sisko was hurt by the defection of Eddington in “For the Cause”. He pulled one over Sisko’s head…and he doesn’t like that he trusted him. He wasn’t a changeling or a prophet or some other highly intelligent being…he was just another man…and he beat Sisko and defected to the Maquis. So he wants to get him on trial bad. It is an obsession now. He needs to get his white whale…and he is not taking now for an answer.
It is a terrifically executed episode, it has great drama, wonderful performances from Brooks and Kenneth Marshall, and a plot that is intense and thrilling. A wonderful episode that has a strong conclusion later in the season and the end to the Sisko/Eddington arc.

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