Not Keiko

Story: The Assignment
Written By: David R. Long, Robert Lederman, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Keiko comes back to the station after being on Bajor…but she is possessed by a pah-wraith and is forcing O’Brien to make modifications to the station, or else it will kill Keiko. He gets Rom to help him save time, but it turns out that the pah-wraith wants to destroy the Prophets.
As O’Brien Must Suffer episodes go, this one is pretty good. Mostly they are either silly or too unbelievable, but this one works well within the DS9 universe and it gets a great performance out of Meaney, not to mention Grodenchik and Chao. Chao is not one that often gets praise in these Treks, but she does a good job here.

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