Willie Mays Rookie Card

Story: In the Cards
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

A fantastic episode. It is actually a lot of fun. The crew of the station are all pretty depressed, it seems as if war with the Dominion is on its way, and no one feels good about it at all. Jake is concerned about his father, he knows that Ben is often one that people go to for strength, but now even he can’t seem to shake depression. When he and Nog learn a 1951 Willie Mays rookie card is going to be on the auction block at Quarks, he decides it is the perfect gift for his dad. But they lose at auction, and then make a series of deals and trades in order to trade for the card with the actual winner. It is a lot of good fun, and the episode has this calm before the storm feel to it.
In a dramatic B-plot, Bajor is considering signing a non-aggression pact with the Dominion, in order to protect its borders entirely, something the Federation cannot guarantee. Kai Winn is sort of in a rock and hard place, siding with the Federation and risking being the first target for annihilation, or siding with the Dominion…basically signing up to be the first conquered. Neither way is a win-win for Bajor.

But it’s the A-plot that really sells the episode, from the sort of wacky mad scientist in Giger, to the many wants and needs of our main characters, to the absolute hilarity of banter between Jake and Nog.

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