Eddington Defects

Story: For the Cause
Written By: Ronald D. Moore
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Someone living on DS9 is apparently dealing with the Maquis, taking them shipments of some kind. The prime suspect is Kassidy Yates. That puts Captain Sisko in one hell of an awkward position. He loves her, and now he is suspecting her of treason. When her shipment is taken into the badlands…and sent to a Maquis Raider…it really hurts him. Kassidy going to prison in the end is rough, you like her, but knowing she will get out is some kind of solace.
The real Maquis traitor actually ends up being the Starfleet head of security on DS9…Eddington. Damn! You know I loved it when he seemed so shady and turned out not to be a Changeling. But the fact that he did have a hidden agenda makes his character kinda tragic in a way. It is great because the suspicions of him finally went away among the fans, and then it turns out they weren’t entirely off base.

The side story in this one has Garak beginning a friendship with young Ziyal, which is interesting in its own right. It is a simple little story, and well executed. Nothing more, nothing less.

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