Story: In the Pale Moonlight
Written By: Michael Taylor & Peter Allan Fields
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1998

Top 5 material for sure. What an incredible episode about how far a man can fall to save what he believes in. Sisko has started to hate Fridays. Fridays he gets the casualty reports from the war, and someone finds a friend that they have lost. It is a ritual that depresses him a lot. The Federation is going to lose this war if the Romulans don’t change their tune on this non-aggression pact they’ve signed with the Dominion. Sisko MUST get them in the war…on the Federation side.
So he makes a deal with Garak to try and convince Senator Vreenak of the Romulans that the Dominion WILL attempt to conquer Romulus after the Federation is destroyed. It is a tale of bad decisions, and getting deeper and deeper involved in shady business. When Senator Vreenak discovers that Sisko’s proof is a forgery (one of the best line deliveries in the whole series “it’s a faaaake”), Garak arranges for Vreenak’s shuttle to explode (without the knowledge or blessing of Sisko) and it results in a FANTASTIC scene between Robinson and Brooks.

The final scene, in which Sisko defends his actions because it has brought the Romulans on their side before deciding to erase his entire log…is really chilling. Does the end justify the means? Brilliant episode.

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