Voice in the Darkness

Story: The Sound of Her Voice
Written By: Ronald D. Moore & Pam Pietroforte
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1998

People are a bit grumpier these days. The war has changed them all a bit. Kassidy is noticing some of the hints of this while helping on the Defiant. But when they get a transmission from a woman trapped on a planet needing a rescue, the crew spends their days taking turns talking with her, bettering themselves, and learning a bit. It is a nice little poignant episode.
Eventually they finally get to the planet, only to find that she has been dead a while, 3 or so years, and the transmissions they were getting were sent forward in time from when she was, and what they sent back through this planetary barrier was going to her time. It is weird, but it works. The final scene where they hold a funeral for her is pretty good, even if the Chief’s speech hits the nail a little to hard on the head about maybe one of them missing (it is just a bit of obvious writing when you know what comes next week).

In the b-plot Quark tries to distract Odo with Kira in order to pull off some illegal profit making activities. It is alright as well, but nothing to write home about.

NEXT TIME: Tears of the Gods