Life During Wartime

Story: Behind the Lines
Written By: René Echevarria
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

Kira’s resistance cell is slowly causing mayhem on the Station. Odo is upset by this prospect, maybe blinded somewhat by his position on the Terok Nor council…and trying to maintain order. But then a new issue arises: the Female Changeling comes aboard the station. Trapped in the alpha quadrant because of the minefield, she feels the need to be with her people. Odo even goes so far as to link with her. It’s a pretty bad situation. He begins to pay less attention to Kira and the resistance, and starts to explore himself…he is losing site of his priorities.
Damar’s drunken big mouth though gives Quark info, which he shares with Kira’s resistance cell: they’ve found a way of disabling the mines. Rom sets about disrupting their plan, gets caught (because Odo links again and doesn’t shut off the alarm) and is thrown in jail.

The B-story this time is with Sisko, who was given an assignment to take out a Dominion sensor which has been keeping the Dominion a step ahead of the Federation during this war the whole time. But then Admiral Ross decides he needs Sisko behind a desk. He is given a promotion and is kept at the starbase in a more strategic position. It is a very small story, one that pays off in the next episode.

NEXT TIME: The New Plan