Ferengi Death Ritual

Story: Body Parts
Written By: Louis P. DeSantis, Robert J. Bolivar and Hans Beimler
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

Quark returns from Ferenginar with some bad news: he is dying. He has to get his affairs in order, pay off all debts he owes to other Ferengis (a contract is a contract is a contract…but only between Ferengi). He decides to sell off his bodily remains in the Ferengi Tradition. But things get hairy when he turns out to not be dying…and he has already sold his remains available within 6 days to Brunt. And a contract is a contract is a contract. It is another really good Ferengi episode.
Meanwhile…Keiko, Bashir, and Kira are in an accident in a runabout. Keiko is badly hurt and would have lost the baby…but Bashir made a quick decision, and transported the baby into Kira. Kira even moves in wit hthe O’Briens in the end, to try and help them through the pregnancy (its not easy to have to visit your baby during the pregnancy). It is a weird little plot, but it was necessary to let Visitor remain pregnant on the show without hiding her stomach for 9 months. It may be odd, but it works.

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