Tekeny Ghemor

Story: Ties of Blood and Water
Written By: Edmund Newton, Robbin L. Slocum and Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

A sequel of sorts to “Second Skin”, we see the return and fate of Tekeny Ghemor. He returns to DS9 at the request of Kira, who would like to use his former position and connections to the Cardassian Dissident movement to disrupt the new Cardassian-Dominion alliance. Two problems stand in the way: Dukat comes to extradite him…and he is dying.
At first she cares for him, he is a sort of surrogate father to her. Her own father died during the occupation, she missed his death by an hour…she chose to fight the Cardassians instead of staying with him, a decision she has regretted for years. But when she learns of some information about Ghemor’s past, she distances herself from him…mirroring her missing her own father’s death.

It is a decent episode, some great acting from Visitor, but the episode is just a good episode: not a tremendous one. It is notable for seeing the return of Weyoun, who had died in “To the Death”, but here it is revealed that the Vorta clone themselves ( a clever idea, especially when it really was just an excuse to bring Combs back…thank god they did he is awesome). There is a particularly great scene between Sisko, Dukat and Weyoun. Enjoy.

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