Cardassians Join the Dominion

Story: By Inferno's Light
Written By: Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1997

This is really one of the best two-parters of the franchise. The Jem’Hadar come through the wormhole, but do not attack the station, they head for Cardassia…Dukat’s Bird of Prey joins them…but not to fight…to literally join. He has become the new head of the Cardassian Government and has made Cardassia join the Dominion. Holy crap. I’m glad Dukat was a villain again, the Cardassian-Bajoran-Federation Alliance never really worked well.
In the prison camp, Worf fights Jem’Hadar on the station, while Garak faces his claustrophobia in a tight wall to try and send a message to the runabout. On the station the Gowron resigns the Khitomer Accords, which is awesome because I prefer the Cardassians as villains and Klingons as allies. Also Changeling-Bashir makes attempts to sabotage the station and to advance the war with the Dominion and disrupt the new alliance with the Klingons. In the end Martok is made the main Klingon military presence on the Station…and Martok quickly becomes the best example of a Klingon ever…others were corrupt politicians or idiots…Worf is this conflicted guy…Martok is the quintessential Klingon. A brave warrior with keen military sense, a sense of humor and is totally badass and actually honorable through in through.

It is a brilliant and awesome episode. The show is well on its way to bringing the war with the Dominion to its inevitable clash. Incredible couple of episodes.

NEXT TIME: Emergency Holographic Bashir