The Other Emissary

Story: Accession
Written By: Jane Espenson
Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Year: 1996

An old Bajoran ship comes out of the Wormhole, the sole occupant is taken on the station and when he awakes he states that he is the Emissary, he is also a famous poet from Bajoran’s past. This looks like a relief to Sisko, who has been treated as the emissary since he arrived…and never really liked or embraced the idea. Now he sees this as his scapegoat, he can interpret the prophecies to put the new guy in the job. But the new guy doesn’t do the job that well…he changes some things that bother a lot of Bajorans…trying to change things back to the old ways of Bajor, before the Occupation, but it doesn’t sit well in the eyes of this new Bajor. Sisko has to reclaim his role as the Emissary.
Keiko returns to the station, and she has a nice little surprise for O’Brien…she is pregnant. The Chief seems a little uncomfortable with the situation, seeing as he just had a long time enjoying his second bachelorhood without her around…enjoying Julian’s company. There is a great scene in which Quark mentions to Worf that Keiko’s having a baby and he snaps “NOW?” a great reference to “Disaster”.

But I prefer the O’Brien story, because it is at its heart a friendship story between the Chief and the Doctor…and it is always fun to see them together.

NEXT TIME: Worf on Trial